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Seinmars and Papers

In accordance with its mandate to contribute to the development of distance education and training institutions through publications, IDETC produces a range of publications: research reports, policy reports, policy advice reports, documents, discussion documents, occasional papers, conference reports and newsletters. When necessary, we also issues press releases.

Printed copies of publications are available free of charge for IDETC members only from the resource centre. To request copies, please contact the librarian.

Year of publication: 2013

Educational research of high educational development of our country of liberalization policy
The Study of Population Structure Change and Educational Development
A Study of the Relationships between Knowledge Society and Development of Higher Education

Year of publication: 2012

Globalization and Educational Development in the Less Developed Countries
Research on Civil Society and the Development of Human Right Education
A Study on the Effects of Teacher Union for School Development

Year of publication: 2011

International Journal of Educational Development ISSN: 2221-7908
International Journal of Education and Art ISSN: 1999-8600
International Conference on Education & Art ISSN: 2220-5330

Year of publication: 2010

An Evaluation of the Quality Promotion Unit
Annual Report of the Council on Distance Education 2009
Community Engagement in Distance Education
Towards a New Distance Education Landscape
Meeting the Equity, Quality and Social Development Imperatives
Distance Education Monitor - The State of the Provision of the MBA
Improving Teaching & Learning Resources

Year of publication: 2009

Annual Report of the Council on Distance Education 2008
A Good Practice Guide for Quality Management of Research
Distance Education Responses to Students with Disabilities
Promotion of Access to Information?
Towards a Framework for Quality Promotion and Capacity Development in Distance Education
Distance Education Qualifications Framework: Draft for Discussion

Year of publication: 2008

A Programme for the Transformation of Distance Education
Annual Report of the Council on Distance Education 2007
Directory of Professional Bodies
Advice on Aspects of Distance Education
Report on the Colloquium on Democracy and Distance Education Change
Towards A Framework for the Monitoring and Evaluation of Distance Education

Year of publication: 2007

Annual Report of the Council on Distance Education 2006
Distance Education and Social Transformation - Case Study
Council on Distance Education Comment and Advice
An Interdependent National Qualifications Framework System
Proposed Criteria for the First Cycle of Audits

Year of publication: 2006

Annual Report of the Council on Distance Education 2005
Considerations on the Designation and Nomenclature of Distance Education Institutions
Criteria for Institutional Audits
Criteria for Programme Accreditation
Enhancing the contribution of Distance Education
Framework for Institutional Audits
Framework for Programme Accreditation

Year of publication: 2005

A Good Practice Guide and Self-evaluation Instruments for Managing the Quality of Service-Learning
Academic Freedom, Institutional Autonomy and Public Accountability in Distance Education
A Framework for Analysis of the 'State-Sector' Relationship
Academic Freedom, Institutional Autonomy and the Corporatised University
Annual Report: 2004
The impact of changing funding sources of Distance Education Institutions
Universities of technology
Service-Learning in the Curriculum: A Resource for Distance Education Institutions

Year of publication: 2004

Autonomy as a Social Compact
Case studies on dealing with "pipeline students" within their respective institutions
Council on Distance Education Annual Report: 2003
Enhancing the Efficacy and Efficiency of the National Qualifications Framework
Evaluative Study of Institutional Audits 2003
Distance Education Monitor: A Case for Improving Teaching and Learning in Distance Education
The Distance Education Qualifications Framework?

Year of publication: 2003

Guidelines for programme re-accreditation
Distance Education Quality Committee Report
Nominations for Distance Education Quality Committee Board
Preparation Manual for Institutions
Site visit manual for evaluator panels