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IDETC sees itself as being an inclusive, rather than an exclusive association. Any individual or organization with an interest in open learning principles and distance education strategies is welcome to join.

The membership categories are:

  • Institutions, consortium or programmes that provide distance education;
  • Associations of individuals, institutions or programmes that provide distance education;
  • Professional bodies involved in distance education;
  • Individuals
  • Associate membership will also be considered at a rate agreed to in negotiation with the IDETC Executive.

Although IDETC is primarily an organizational membership body, individuals are encouraged to become involved in IDETC, either through their organizational representation by submitting their details online through the website; or alternatively by becoming individual members.

Membership Profile

In joining IDETC you will have the opportunity to network, share expertise and experience with higher education institutions offering both face-to-face and distance education.

Benefits include:

  • Annual conference (at discounted rates) providing an ideal platform to share experience and contribute to the authoritative and growing body of indigenous knowledge on distance education and open learning.
  • Membership of a network of expertise in open learning and distance education.
  • Up-to-date information on latest developments in distance education, including related policy.
  • Opportunity to contribute to policy matters through the official voice of distance education.
  • Regularly updated information on local and international workshops and conferences related to open learning and distance education.
  • You will belong to the largest lively networking professional community of high reputation in open, distance and e-learning
  • Using the password protected members area you have access to IDETC's database of institutional and individual members and co-operation partners from all related countries
  • IDETC member institutions may delegate up to 10 individual members
  • You can benefit regularly from the professional development supporting activities of the Association
  • Receive regular electronic newsflash
  • Join online forum to discuss problems and ideas with partners
  • Use "matchmaker" service, for the rapid reach of the right partners


Registration Information

You can register as an organizational or individual member. Membership can be secured on payment of an annual fee.

If you would like to register with IDETC, please download the Organization Registration Form as below.

Individual and Institution Registration Form

Complete lists including contact information and individual members are available to members only.

Member Service

IDETC provides members with a regular information service. Conferences on distance education and related fields of interest are updated on the website on a monthly basis. It is also possible to receive these updates via email.

Further email services offered are an abstracts service from distance education books and journals, monthly updates on education legislation, and news from the Executive Committee which includes policy developments relevant to distance educators.