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Partner Organizations

IDETC maintains close links with all the major bodies concerned with the maintenance of standards in education and training, including the following:

  • Distance Education and Training Congress Accreditation (DETCA)

DETCA has consistently emphasized the importance of professional growth within the distance education community.? The DETCA accreditation program is for the distance learning component institutions worldwide. DETCA is a structured accreditation with the self-study, on-site peer review, etc., typically found in such a program.? DETCA is ideal for schools wishing to excel in distance learning. Achieving DETCA accreditation is a noteworthy accomplishment.? DETCA is a none-profit professional association for teachers, developers, researchers, consultants and administrators from worldwide involved in open and distance learning.

DETCA accrediting standards for programs track with —and are comparable to and exceed— the accrediting standards of all the education institutions. The curriculum for the program to be comprehensive and comparable to the curriculum offered for similar professional by other appropriately accredited institutions. Graduates of distance education programs must exhibit skill and knowledge attainment through the demonstrated achievement of educational objectives and outcomes comparable to those of accredited resident programs that are similar in nature and level. DETCA accredited programs are comparable to those programs for approval for regionally accredited institutions. Course design, rigour; quality and faculty qualifications are in harmony with global accrediting standards.

  • Accrediting Council of International Certificate and Society (ACICS)

ACICS is a non-profit organization and a global advocate and institutional voice for self-regulation accrediting organization quality through high standard accreditation.? ACICS is an association of many recognizes institutional and programmatic accrediting organizations.

ACICS governed by a group of board of college and university presidents, institutional representatives and public members and ACICS is a primary voice for accreditation and quality assurance to the international accreditation organizations.? It's focus on worldwide accreditation community to international audiences with concern on the importance of international certification, value, and practicality of audit and certification body's legitimacy.? Members of ACICS must present their high standards of international legality and high academic certification quality.

  • The Chinese International Academy Institute (CIAI)

CIAI originated from the National Taipei University of Education (NTUE), which has 112 years of excellent history; NTUE is one of prestige academic institutes in Taiwan .The CIAI is originated from 2007 to get permission of set up by the ROC administration department, the authorized organization number is 09603003. CIAI is an organization of corporation which follows the government regulation the mission statement of CIAI committee is as follows: the institution aim to increase the opportunity of interaction within academy field nationally and internationally. The committee merges the diverse culture, social background and expertise in one place. Moreover, the institution hold several academic activities which enhance the depth of theoretical thesis in order to improve the academic status in the world. For example, cross cultural community, theoretical discussion, academic tour and publishing articles.

The governmental organization operation of the committee is as Department of the Interior. The purpose of the committee for the governmental organization operators is to follow the mission statement and assignment which is under the control of Department for Education. The committee is under the guidance and supervisor by various governmental organization departments. Huang, Tsong-Liang, the director-general of CIAI, also is Secretary-General, Chairman of department and graduate school of computer science and Chinese International Academic Institute association in National Taipei University of Education. The physical address of the committee is located in the governmental organization operation; the committee would be allowed to branch the subsidiary after obtaining the approval from the governmental organization operation.