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2021 Academic Fellows
We assure the general public of the quality of educational training provided by IDETC accredited institutions and their programs; and to assist institutions in continuously improving themselves and the training they provide. International Distance Education and Training Congress

The vision of the IDETC is a diverse, dynamic and sustainable system that responds to transformational, social and economic development needs. It is a system that adheres to the principles of good governance and management, produces graduates of high quality and advances knowledge.

IDETC has established a values-based framework supported by the foundational core values: Integrity, Accountability, Continuous Improvement, Open Communication and Teamwork.

In pursuit of its vision and mission, the IDETC is committed to and guided by the following values:

  • Independence
  • Intellectual engagement
  • Public accountability

International Distance Education and Training CongressIDETC is aim to establish a system of accreditation in the private sector, to be used as an indicator of quality and through the accreditation process to improve and enhance the standards of independent further and distance educational institutions.

We aspire to be a workplace that values the contribution of our staff. At IDETC, we communicate honestly to create an environment that fosters fairness, respect and that rewards effort.